I Love to produce new, effective, and unique ideas. I am a creative visionary.

I specialize in live events, music, and ministry.



Owosso, MI, United States

September 2008 - April 2015

In September 2008, I hired in to the Owosso Home Depot. After just six months, management had took notice of my hard work ethic and creativity, and promoted me as a sales associate in the Paint Department. Within the next six and a half years, that I worked for Home Depot, I developed a great understanding of how to provide excellent customer service, how to give respect to all people, to multitask efficiently, all while being disciplined and patient with my work.

Home Depot has played a big part in launching my career in production. In 2010 Home Depot

started a national video contest for talented employees to win an all expenses paid vacation

to Las Vegas, Nevada to perform live on stage for 4,000 company executives, and management,

needless to say, I was determined to win. In 2014, with two of my coworkers, we produced a winning video entry for the "Home Depot Search for a Star" video and music contest, gained national attention, and we were sent to Las Vegas for a week and a half of mentorship from Hartmann Studios. There we worked with some of the best in the business to put on a production of a lifetime. You can view our live performance here.

In 2015, I left the Home Depot to pursue video production as a full-time film maker.

I am thankful to the Owosso Home Depot for the opportunities for learning that I had there. 

Owosso, MI, United States

April 2015 - Present

In 2012 - I was struck with the vision to follow my dreams, and pursue my passion for production.

Recording speech, music, and other audio using recording equipment is my strength, as I am an advanced user with multiple digital audio workshops, software, and plug-ins programs (such as Ableton Live and Native Instruments.)

Capturing, organizing, and stringing together raw video footage into a continuous whole to present a story with maximum effect is a specialty of mine. I am an advanced user with Final Cut Pro X.

In post production, I excel in determining the specific audio and visual effects necessary to complete films,
as well as assembling studio sets, operating zoom lenses, and selecting and arranging cameras,

audio, or lighting equipment to be used during filming.

Owosso, MI, United States

August 2016 - Present

In August of 2016, I was asked to be the director of media for the First Church of Christ in Owosso, MI.

Since, I have been helping with production, filming the weekly sermons, and making impactful illustrative videos and visual aids for the church body! 

Owosso High School
Owosso, MI, United States
3.8 GPA Degree in Art & Music , June 2008
Baker College
Owosso, MI, United States
Completed coursework for computer networking in 2010

Studied and participated in on the job training for film production, arrangement,

and video editing with Black Jacket Films producer, Daniel Chipman

• Developed and produced a video advertisement for Pizza Hut, which aired nationally as a part

   of the official Pizza Hut commercial on February 3rd, 2013 during the Super Bowl on CBS
• Grand prize winner of the 2013 Shiawassee County Convention and Visitors Bureau video contest.
• Winner of the 2014 "Home Depot Search for a Star" national video and music contest

• 2014, 2015, & 2016 Three time winner at the HANDy PAINT PRODUCTS National Film Festival.